Taste of things to come

Well, not exactly... We still can't tell you anything about our product but that doesn't mean we can't showoff with what we can and how much fun we have and are :)

Daniel came back from the states and brought me a new pair of Bose SoundSport. The problem with a guy like me that every headphone I get ends up broken, specifically around its jack. I don't know what it is that I do that causes it to "rapture" from inside and lose audio on at least one side of the headphones, no matter how expensive or cheap the headphones are.

It reminds me of a chat I had with my brother about it. He said that "you can't avoid damage to something that's being constantly mechanically abused". I told him "my ex survived it!". He didn't laugh. At all.

So we have a bunch of mechanical engineers and I asked if there's some kind of "protector" that I can find/buy that will prevent this from happening all the time. Their first reply is use a spring and they'll buy me one. They ended up PRINTING me my very own tailor made "Jack Protector" with our newest 3D printer.

Results attached. This is amazing.

Our newest 3D printer working on a headphone jack protector