To Blog or not To Blog

To Blog or not To Blog, that is the question.

We had a lot of discussion on this between all of us here.

We’re starting a new thing, founding a new company with a unique and interesting use case and product. We are creating unique “information” regardless of the product itself that we could share, things like “Agile for Mechanical Engineers - yes or no”, or decisions relating to our “Technological Stack” and how we’ve come to it. We ask a lot of “Wh Questions” all the time and the answers are relevant to everyone - so why not share them? This is part of our technological reputation and of our “give back to society” approach.

On the other hand knowledge sharing is not the only thing to consider, there are some “business issues” too. We can’t say anything about what we do and our product (yet). It’s also a lot of time and effort to write these posts - resources we are currently short of.

Then again, we do need to show progress even if we can’t say exactly what the progress was. When we finally go to market, we want and need to have a “history” even if it’s a “mystery”. We do plan on recruiting more engineers. They need to know we exists, that we are professionals - that we mean business!

And we do love to write…. So here we go :)